Unique system interconnection points

More than 1 500 customers in 5 countries value the needs-based deliveries from our portfolio of products – and the very special services that UNITED BRANDS provides. We put together individual retail assortments and regional requirements – regardless of what we are dealing with.

With a strong team of experienced Buyers UNITED BRANDS can provide Global Sourcing within the markets it operates in. Wether it's continental Europe or New World Wines - UNITED BRANDS benefits by a network of partners that provide synergies in the purchasing process while offering one-stop service on purchase.

Customers of UNITED BRANDS can expect personal support. Our sales force is available for you every day - by mobile, mail or text messages. Our task is to assist you with questions concerning goods availability, orders, promotion planning, merchandising and all the marketing services.


UNITED BRANDS distribution represents a challenge in logistics: more than 500 wines, spirits and beer are permanently on stock and can be delivered to our customers on a just-in-time basis every day.

The fact that we can rely on a smooth flow of products on this scale is down to our logistic centers in Prague, Banská Bystrica, Sofia and Budapest for Central & Eastern Europe.

Such efficiency has also positive impacts on warehousing costs for our customers: since we can supply the required quantity of goods just in time – from minimal quantities to large truck loads or containers – you don’t need to be concerned with storing goods yourself.

International Cross-docking services. Logistics platform for international brands and distributoion in Eastern Europe.

We have all licenses which are necessary for distribution of wines, sparkling wines, spirits and beers in 5 countries. ALL our teams are ready to take care about your brands.

We provide an additional value services such as special packaging like displayes, stickering, re-packing, banderoling and many others. Competitive logistics services as a guarantee of our common success!


distributes brands and products through different channels of more than hundred producers across the globe.

Serving more than 1,500 clients in 10 countries makes us one of the largest importers and distributors for wine and spirits in Eastern and Central Europe.